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We're busy planning!

Really enjoying planning our first 2022 Junior Sunbeams session.

Our themes this week are - learning tricky skills and the future.

This session will be using ZOG by Julia Donaldson as the stimulus for our Drama.

We will be going on an adventure -

Discovering a dragon before becoming dragons ourselves and taking to the skies, "zigzagging through the blue",

We will learn all the tricky things that dragons need to know and imagining what grown up dragons do for a living when they "are fully grown",

Sharing the tricky skills we know and are learning,

Finally, we will explore what we would like to do as a job when we are fully grown.

There will be music, bubbles, floating scarves, games, sharing and laughter throughout while the children use their imaginations in a safe and inclusive environment.

This class will run- Thursday 6th Jan Morriston Leisure centre 4.30pm - 5.15pm

Send us a message for more information or to book

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