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Tailormade Expressive Arts Workshops 

Have a specific element of a topic you would like us to cover or focus on? - No problem!

Have specific pupil needs? – No problem!

Want us to support your pupils in developing skills and remembering key knowledge and vocabulary while having fun? – Great, it’s what we are good at!

Each workshop is designed specifically for the group of pupils the workshop leader will be working with.

We use a mixture of tried and tested drama techniques, drama games, role play, facilitators in role and open ended scenario exploration to support your pupils.

All workshops have the Curriculum for Wales at their core, clearly linking and supporting the Expressive Arts AoLE.

Every teacher receives a works outline 24 hours before which details which What Matters Statements, interal skills and other relevant AoLEs are being supported in the session. 


We offer one hour, half or full day workshops.

Want an insight into the sort of workshops we offer, have a look below.

Foundation Stage

  • Mini Beasts

  • Animal lifecycles

  • Castles

  • Seasons

  • Fairy Tales and popular rhymes

  • The Great Fire of London

Key Stage 2

  • The Tudors

  • The Victorian era

  • The Titanic

  • World War 2

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Natural disasters, for example, Tsunamis and earthquakes

  • Volcanoes

  • Young enterprise

  • World Book Day

  • 50 year anniversary of walking on the moon

Key Stage 3

  • The Titanic

  • Introduction to Drama techniques

  • World war 1 or 2

  • Shakespeare
    Exploring the man and one of his plays

  • Novel exploration
    Exploring the plot, characters, style and themes.

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