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PSHE Workshops


All of our workshops have the welsh government’s PSHE aims at their heart –

  • Develop self esteem and a sense of personal responsibility,

  • Gain respect for others and celebrate diversity,

  • Equip learners for the choices and opportunities of life long learning,

  • Prepare children and young people to be active and responsible citizens,

  • Foster positive attitudes and behaviour towards the principles of sustainable development and global citizenship,

  • Prepare learners for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of work and adult life.

Skills development

We use an experiential and exploratory approach and our workshops give many opportunities for development in -

  • Thinking skills- opportunities for decision making, reflection and to develop understanding of personal and social issues

  • Communication skills - opportunities for research, listening to others, discussion in small and large groups and sharing information and ideas

  • Numeracy skills - analyse numerical information

  • Self analysis, understanding personal strengths and setting appropriate targets.