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Training for staff

Are you looking - 

  • For an external provider to support delivery of the Expressive Arts in your school?

  • To develop your knowledge and expertise in the Expressive Arts AoLE?

  • To enrich your pupils' experience of the Expressive Arts?

  • To use Drama as a vehicle for learning and to support other areas of learning?

Or - 

  • Are you or members of your team a little nervous about teaching the Expressive Arts AoLE and looking for some affordable support from a qualified and experienced Drama teacher?


Shine Drama Workshops can support you.

"This has been such an enlightening session, not only for Drama skills, but Jo’s knowledge of the curriculum has been really helpful in aiding us shape our future planning."

We provide tailormade practical training for teachers in whichever way best suits the school whether that be through twilight sessions, whole school INSET days (or part of day) or small group workshops.

A typical workshop may include –

Gaining practical understanding and knowledge of the Expressive Arts AoLE

Opportunities for staff to explore, create, reflect and respond (The What Matters Statements) to Drama as the pupils would in lessons,

  • How Drama can be used across the curriculum, deepening knowledge in other AoLEs

  • How Drama can support Cynefin,

  • Exploration of drama skills and techniques,

How to run and manage a drama lesson

  • Setting up a drama space,

  • Classroom management,

  • Suggestions on useful props,

  • Practical warmups, icebreaker activities and games which can be shared with children in lessons,

  • How to help less confident pupils achieve,

  • Methods to use in rehearsal, group work and performance,

  • How to scaffold lessons for pupils to achieve.

Support with planning

We can support with developing or adapting existing schemes of work or creating new ones.

Why else should you book training with Shine Drama Workshops?

Every session is developed, designed, and delivered by our founder, Jo.

Jo is a qualified and specialist Drama teacher with 16 years of teaching experience across key stages and in a range of settings. Teachers are provided with all resources, and everything is clearly linked to the curriculum.

We work across Wales and travel to your school.

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