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A voyage into space for children at Dolau Primary school

Last week Jo had a fantastic day working with the children at Dolau Primary school supporting with their whole school theme - "Blast Off".

Year 2 completed astronaut training with Jo before blasting off into space. When disaster struck the rocket needed to make an emergency stop on the moon. While the newly qualified astronauts explored, some cheeky aliens snuck on board and made their way back to Earth! Year 2 then took on the role of scientists, working out and deciding what to do next.

The afternoon brought a new group of astronauts and new space challenges. This time, years 3 and 4 were informed that they needed to say goodbye to their families for a long time as they were required on a mission to explore the solar system and every planet within it. The children blasted off before returning to earth and creating their own alien characters. Later becoming scientists organising packages to send to space to introduce humans to other life forms in the universe.

All children had a great time, using a range of drama techniques and skills., exploring and creating characters and reflecting and responding to their own and others creative work.

Some feedback we had from the day -

"All the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It totally captured their imagination and I will be using some of the activity ideas for future topics" - Class teacher

“I really enjoyed making a space buggy using my body” Martha

“I liked pretending to be an alien in our show in front of everyone” Jac

“ I liked writing about the alien on the big body picture” Emily

“I liked going up to space in a rocket” Evie

“I liked pretending the alien was in the spaceship” George

Well done all children that took part and thank you for inviting Shine Drama Workshops into your school for the day.

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