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Shine Drama Workshops working with The Royal Mint Museum

Did you know that all the coins in the UK are made in one factory and that factory is in South Wales? Did you know they also make coins for many other countries and made all of the 2012 Olympic medals?

The Royal Mint museum, which shares the site with The Mint, offers workshops for schools and was looking to further improve their education programme by incorporating more practical elements into their sessions, particularly Drama. Shine Drama Workshops has been supporting the Royal Mint Museum and their fantastic education team in this endeavor.

Firstly, by providing a tailormade full day workshop on the Expressive Arts AoLE of the Curriculum in Wales, how to run Drama sessions, practical exploration of Drama skills and techniques and looking at existing workshops with this new knowledge and experience in mind.

More recently, through providing education consultancy and support in the creation of a brand new practical workshop for schools which will be on offer to schools soon.

I am looking forward to working more with the education team soon and bringing my two young children for a visit to The Royal Mint experience, for them to take part in a workshop.

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