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Welsh Myths and Legends Expressive Arts Workshops

Why are they our most popular sessions and how could your school benefit from one?

Our three Welsh Myths and Legends Expressive Arts workshops have been the most popular sessions that we have run this academic year. I have been inundated with enquires and bookings for them since they became available in October 2023. Since then, thousands of children across Wales, from Swansea to Mold, Newport to Pembroke (and everywhere in between) have experienced them. I have led these workshops in mainstream English speaking, bilingual, primaries, comprehensives, residential, STFs, specialist schools for those with profound learning needs and schools specialising in supporting those with autism and social difficulties for children from nursery to year 7.

They have been so popular that I thought it was best to write a blog all about them for those of you looking for an Expressive Arts workshop based around a Welsh Myth or legend for your pupils.

What are they?

Three expressive arts workshops each based around a popular Welsh myth or legend.

The Legend of the Welsh Dragon

Thousands of years ago there was a kingdom in the mountains with a secret, a sleeping red dragon. Through storytelling, props, puppets (for those working at PS1) music and drama skills and techniques we explore the story of how this dragon fought an invading white dragon and became the emblem for Wales. 

Pupils take on the roles of magicians, villagers and the dragons.

The Fall of Cantre’r Gwaelod

The ancient kingdom surrounded and protected by a mighty sea wall until one terrible night the waves engulfed the kingdom condemning it to the depths forever. Pupils learn the story through practically taking on the roles of the people of the kingdom, personifying their thoughts as well as becoming the destructive sea before finally exploring whether this is story is fact or fiction. Pupils use props, sound effects and drama skills and techniques throughout to bring this exciting story to life.

The life of Santes Dwynwen

Practically exploring the exciting, and sometimes sad, life of the welsh patron saint of lovers and injured animals.  Pupils take on a variety of roles, use props, music and drama techniques to explore this famous story each with their own interpretations which still stays true to the original myth.


How do they support your curriculum?

Every workshop has –

The curriculum for Wales four purposes at their heart

Each was developed with the Expressive Arts AoLE 

Its What’s Matters Statements and progression steps at the forefront of my mind. Every activity, prop, music choice and game provide relevant experiences and opportunities for pupils to develop and strengthen their exploring, creating, reflecting and responding in the expressive arts. They are enhancing their expressive arts skills and gaining new ones throughout.

Supports other parts of your curriculum 

Each workshop supports oral literacy, integral skills, health and wellbeing, humanities AoLE and of course, Cynefin!


If it is curriculum enriching and appropriate, how can it be run with children in nursery through to the end of key stage three and from PS1 to PS4?

Simple answer, it can’t! If we were only offering one workshop for each story but we aren’t!

We have four different Red Dragon, four different Cantre’r Gwaelod and three different Santes Dwynwen sessions. Each planned for pupils at that point in their learning. As well as this, every single session is adapted to the needs of the specific group I am working with.  

Why choose Shine Drama Workshops to deliver one of these expressive arts sessions? Why should we choose you and not a theatre in education company or an actor?

Qualified, experienced teacher and specialist in Drama

I was a classroom teacher for 13 years, in both primary and secondary and subject leader for eight years, before starting Shine Drama workshops and as a result everything is put together with my teacher head on. I understand differing pupil needs, teacher planning and how schools work.

Background in Drama and theatre

As well as still being a teacher I also have my artistic side. I have experience of stage management, prop making, lighting and directing. I gained my drama degree before completing my PGCE. 

I believe it is the mixture of my artistic and educational background that makes these workshops so special.

You and your pupils will work with me every step of the way

Every session is planned, resourced and delivered by me. Any discussion with class teachers beforehand? That’s me too! It means that I understand what you and your pupils need.

Teachers and pupils love them!

100% of teachers, that have provided feedback, rated the sessions as “good” or “excellent”. More than 95% of teachers rated them as “excellent”.

100% of teachers and pupils, that have provided feedback, would recommend us to others and would book sessions with Shine Drama Workshops again.

Have a look at just a tiny sample of what has been said

Ok I’m interested? How much does it cost and how do I book?

Each workshop is one hour for up to 30 pupils and prices start at £65 a session. Travel is charged at 45p a mile from our base in Swansea (we do not charge travel in the city and council of Swansea)

For more information or to book email – or give me (Jo) a call on 07853258872

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