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Shine's Super Swansea Summer of Fun 2022

"Thanks for a lovely class"

"My children loved it!"

"Fantastic! Thank you for 45 minutes of peace"

"Thank you my son loved it"

" Was wonderful to see my girls participating and all the children included".

This is just some of the feedback we received from parents and carers after our Summer of fun sessions.

We received a grant from the Swansea's Summer of Fun initiative and we put it to good use running Drama and confidence building classes for children aged two and three years and Drama and craft sessions for children aged three to eight years. Every session was fully booked and the Drama and craft sessions booked up in just 7 hours! Every parent that provided feedback marked them as "Excellent" and that they would recommend them to others!

We were so busy-

We became-

Super heroes saving the day,

Pirates searching for buried treasure,

Monsters under the bed,

Jungle animals on an adventure,

Jungle explorers camping in a previously undiscovered jungle,

We played-

Parachute games,

Imagination games,

Warm up games,

Team work and problem solving games,

We made -

Rocking paper plate pirate ships,

Super hero masks,

Designs for super hero capes,

Bits and bobs monsters,

Hand print monkeys swinging through the trees.

We -

Ran, jumped, hopped, skipped, laughed, made new friends, tried new things and most importantly of all -


Below is a little selection of photo graphs we took.

Thank you children and parents of Swansea for making our Summer so fun filled

Jo, Hannah and Shay

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