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Swansea Brownies group all earn their Performance badge with support from Shine Drama Workshops

I was a Brownie. an Elf and a Sixer in 2nd Trallwn Brownies in the early 90's (please no one do the maths on my age) and it was the highlight of my week! I remember returning to my school hall every week, often in the dark and the rain to see what new adventure and activity would be waiting for us. The hall so empty when I walked in but soon full of laughter and love ( and a little chaos). I remember making sweets, musical instruments, singing, playing games and spending that hour every week having fun and picking up new skills. I still remember the joy of earning my hostess badge, the one with a cup of tea stitched on it, after learning to make a cuppa for everyone in my family and then making, what felt like, every cup of tea for everyone that week.

A few months ago I had a chat with a local Swansea Brownies unit. The unit leaders were looking for a way to support their girls in earning their performance badge. They asked me if I would design and deliver a special Drama workshop for them. Immediately all of those good memories came streaming back into my head.

This week I had the pleasure of working with 2nd Grovesend Brownie Unit in Swansea. A unit full of wonderful girls that made me feel so welcome. Many of these girls, aged 7 - 10, had never taken part in a Drama performance other than school shows pre Covid and almost none of them had created and then shared their own pieces. Some of the girls ran into the room, excited to experience something new but some, understandably, were very nervous. They hadn't met me before, they thought (like many do) that they would need to stand up and perform all on their own. They were embarrassed, shy and in some cases almost didn't come to unit this week. But at Shine Drama Workshops we pride ourselves in helping participants feel relaxed, raising confidence and adapting everything we do for the individual. We warmed up, played games and worked together with the girls taking small steps.

By the end of the session every girl had explored two Drama techniques, two Drama styles, used numerous skills and created their own Drama pieces. Almost everyone performed and they all earned their performance badge!

It was an absolute pleasure supporting,, in one very small way, the new generation of Brownies in gaining new skills for life, developing confidence and earning a new badge. It also showed me that even though I was a Brownie 30 years ago I have the Brownie promise deeply ingrained within me. As the 2022 Brownies said their promise at the end of their unit meeting, I was sat on the side of the room and the 7 year old inside me was saying it to.

If you run an organisation for young people and would like us to come and design and deliver a tailormade workshop get in touch. I am sure we can help,.

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