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Time travelling adventures with the children at Cwrt Rawlin School

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Another great day at another great school. This week, Jo has been working with children at Cwrt Rawlin school and we have been travelling through time.

Year 3 and 4 were introduced to their new topic for the summer term - "Moats and Coats" by taking part in a tailormade workshop that took the children on a trip to 13th Century Caerphilly. To a time of magnificent castles, rich noble families, brave knights, sieges and battles for land.

The children became noble men and women,, attending a great feast at Wales's newest castle before taking part in knight training and later attacking/ defending Caerphilly castle from the Prince of Wales.

The children explored the theme of castles and the art form of Drama through the use of many drama techniques and skills., exploring and creating their own characters and later role plays.

In the afternoon it was a trip into the future on a space rocket with Reception. A very scared, lost and lonely alien, Bob, from a far off galaxy was found and desperately needed the children's help. His spaceship had crashed landed and he couldn't get home,. He needed to find his friend and her spaceship before she left our solar system but he couldn't remember where she was parked!

The children used Drama and their knowledge of our solar system to save the day and help Bob find his way to his friend.

Some feedback from the day -

"From the moment my class stepped into the hall, they were transferred and transfixed into the world of castles and knights. All children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed their journey of Drama, fun and learning. Thank you Jo!" - Class teacher
"Children were fully engaged and enjoyed the acting and learning experience", - Teacher

Jo had a wonderful time working with all the children, thank you Cwrt Rawlin for inviting us in for the day.

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