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What if dinosaurs still existed? Using Drama to explore ideas and build skills - Mark the Moment

Obviously, not a question you ask yourself regularly while going about your day to day life as an adult but ask a child and they can tell you a million ways life would be different with prehistoric creatures terriorising the public. -

"They would try to eat us",

"The big herbivores would stomp on us",

"They would knock buildings down with their giant tails",

"They would get stuck".

This question really fueled the imagination of the nursery, reception, year 1 and 2 children this week and was an excellent starting point for some Drama exploration and creation.

This is my weekly class, Junior Sunbeams., a group of 3 - 7 year olds. We meet once a week and use Drama as a way to build confidence, develop team work skills, develop an understanding of others point of view and develop communication skills., but, most importantly, we have fun.

This week we created a whole group Drama based on the idea of carnivorous dinosaurs and people living in the same area. We then "Marked the Moment", a technique that emphasises the most important/ thought provoking part of the Drama for the performers and audience to examine. In this example the moment is a group of dinosaurs attempting to break into a house. Next session we will look at this moment, develop the idea and try to live peacefully with the dinosaurs.

This technique is fantastic for all ages,. It allows participants to explore ideas, develop Drama pieces and , depending on theme and topic, even helps participants make links to their own lives, in this case stereotypes, first impressions, and emotions.

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